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Your health is my top priority from the moment you entrust it to me. As a Cardiovascular surgeon, I have been serving the people of Ankara since 1999. I value the relationship I have with each patient and believe it is very effective in improving their health. Contact us to find out how we can help you.


I was born in Kayseri in 1975. My elementary school adventure started in Kayseri in 1981. Due to my father's civil service, I attended 2-3-4th grades in Italy/Milan and finally finished 5th grade in Şanlıurfa. My secondary education adventure, which started again at Şanlıurfa Junior High School, continued as a boarding student at İzmir Bornova Anatolian High School since the middle 3rd grade, and ended with my high school diploma in 1993. In 1993, after my matriculation exams, I got accepted to Faculty of Medicine in Hacettepe University and thus my medical quest began. After 6 years of hard work, I got my dream doctorate degree in 1999.

But that is not all…

Next was the ambition to become a Cardiovascular Surgeon. After my graduation in 1999, I got accepted to the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at Hacettepe University in the first Medical Specialization Exam I took. My assistantship, which started in November 1999, ended in May 2005 after I completed my thesis titled: “Evaluation of the effect of warm blood cardioplegia with glutamate-aspartate on hemodynamic parameters, cardiac enzyme levels and ventricular functions” and then succeeded in the specialty exam. I got the Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist diploma after 24 years of education.


 I started my professional career in Ankara Bayındır Private Hospital in May 2005 again, and after working for about 7 months, I went to Samsun Sahra Medical School to fulfill my military duty. After a month of basic training, I was transferred to Şırnak 23rd Border Gendarmerie Division in January 2006. I completed my remaining military service at the Military Hospital. I returned to Bayındır Private Hospital in November 2006. After working here until May 1, 2008, I switched to Ankara TDV 29 Mayıs Hospital for a short period of 3 months. As I was about to return to Hacettepe University from here, I revised my decision under the conditions of the time, and got transferred to Akay Private Hospital instead, where I had the chance to work with the connoisseur Dr. OğuzTaşdemir. Together we performed over 3500 surgeries, and I benefited tremendously from his surgical experience. Then I left Akay Private Hospital in 2014 and moved to MedicanaInternational Ankara Hospital, where I worked with pleasure for more than 7 years until April 2021, when I opened my own clinic. In these last 7 years, I have performed around 1500 open-closed surgeries in total, as well as aiding my fellow surgeons. These are;

  • Coronary Bypass Surgery,
  • Abdominal and Thoracic Aorta Aneurysm Surgery and Endovascular Treatments,
  • Minimal (small incision) Invasive Heart Valve and Coronary Artery Surgery,
  • Peripheral Artery Surgery and radiological intervention
  • Carotid (Carotid Vein) Surgery
  • Opening of Deep Vein Occlusion with Anjiojet
  • Varicose Surgeries with the Classical Method
  • Varicose vein surgeries with Radiofrequency Method.


Cardiovascular Surgery is a grueling dedication that requires both physical and mental dedication, and sometimes it means sacrificing the care and affection you need to show your loved ones. Yet it is impossible to measure the grateful glances of people whose hearts you have touched and their relatives towards you with a tangible value. Cardiovascular Surgery is a profession of the heart and I practice it with love. To share my experiences and medical knowledge is not just an oath I have sworn, but also a debt I owe to humanity. So, I am ready to share them whenever you are in need. With all my respects...

Dr. Hakkı Serkan Şahin



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