Facial Capillary Treatment

Thanks to Nd:YAG Laser Technology, broken capillaries on the face can be treated permanently and cosmetic problems such as scars or blemishes do not occur afterwards..

Lynton Lumina, the UK’s largest Laser Device manufacturer, and its special headpieces provide the ability the treat much larger areas at once.

Nd:YAG or IPL treatment can be performed according to different vessel diameters and their locations.

Thanks to Lynton Lumina's alternative energy sources, more effective treatments are provided. With its special cooling system and automatic vein finding feature, it performs much more comfortable and result-oriented operations.


Definition of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is used in many different cosmetic applications and dermatological diseases. It was first produced in 1994 and approved by the FDA in 1995 for telangiectasias. IPL is a device that can irradiate an intense amount of light at different wavelengths in the range of 500-1200nm. With the cut-off filters used during the application, it provides light 3 irradiation for the desired indication in a more limited area. In applications with IPL, the target tissue is the chromophore (water, melanin, hemoglobin) and it is possible to apply a wide range of treatments. Wavelength, filters, power output, pulse interval, cooling system, spot width are the parameters that should be considered during treatment use. Many IPL devices include one or two cut-off filters. These filters are generally at wavelengths of 515, 550, 560, 570, 590, 615, 645, 690 or 755nm and when inserted into the device, they prevent light from reaching the tissue underneath.

Laser and IPL Device Comparison

Apart from laser epilation, IPL can be used mainly in telangiectatic vasodilation on the face, pigmentation increases, photoaging and skin rejuvenation. IPL is commonly used in the treatment of photoaging in daily practice. It is used in the treatment of Poikiloderma (often thin telangiectasia on the neck skin, irregular color increase, epidermal, dermal atrophy), which is the most typical example of photoaging in dermatological practice. IPL is not a laser device. However, as can be understood from its usage on non-epilation practices, it is a medical device and is used for cosmetic purposes in many diseases where other laser devices are used. While other lasers shoot at a specified wavelength, the IPL system shoots in the range of 500-1200 nm and the range is narrowed with appropriate filters. Therefore, IPL devices should be used more carefully than other lasers and must be used under the supervision of a physician.

Hemangioma Treatment

Vascular treatments are effective solutions and technologies that seal thevessels and reduce or destroy their appearance. By using different technologies targeting the problematic veins under the skin, the patients are given a smooth, clean, and trouble-free skin and self-confidence. Treatments are safe and effective, providing reliable and long-lasting results.


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